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The Debate Over Gcmaf Yogurt Cancer
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GcMAF rebuilds the Immune system to destroy cancer, infections and power ailments. Colostrum contains the antioxidant phytic acid which prevents iron from reaching and nourishing most cancers cells. In a healthy person macrophages in our bloodstream scour our bodies and kill malignancies; they get the message to go on the assault from Gc MAF, which is transformed from Gc Protein.
The thrill has been so intense even the traditional medical neighborhood has taken notice. Er is veel onbegrip bij kanker patiënten over het feit dat GcMAF niet in een breder perspectief wordt onderzocht. In accordance with this website, a gaggle of researchers from DEDI inject a sure untreatable cancer cells to Cows after which let these Cows produce Colostrum that comprises particular antibody to kill these untreatable most cancers cells.
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